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July 1, 2012
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When it came to Japan's Golden Rule, he would push you off if you disobeyed it. Italy had mostly only disobeyed this rule. And Greece too...

What is the Golden Rule you ask?

The Golden Rule is Japan's "No Touchie" Rule. You know how he hates it when people hug him or anything? He needs his "Personar Space". Yeah, the Golden Rule. No Touchie The Sexy Japanese Man known as Kiku Honda. Ever.

Now that you came into Nihon's life as his new neighbor and friend -for about two years now-...does this rule apply to you? Or are you the only exception?


"Kiku!" You yelled as you ran towards the short Japanese man. Damn was this scene corny. You ran to him while you waved him hand as he blushed. He literally just stood there in his garden wearing his old Japanese kimono. (As in the picture that I do not own.)

But his eyes widened when he realized what you were about to do. Hug him.

"[Y-Y-Y-Y/N]!" He stuttered as you enveloped him in a friendly hug. You smiled as you watched and heard his struggle in your arms. Kiku couldn't decide whether to hug you back or not. He was panicking. He was never hugged by a girl before! And you were so pretty and...he then felt a nosebleed come on so he shook the thought away.

"What's wrong Kiku?" You giggled at him. He only stopped struggling and blushed a bit more. He knew what to do now. Just go with it? No...he had something way better in mind. He smirked at you as your head laid on his chest.

Oh what was he about to do? Well why don't you read on...because you just broke Kiku.

"You know I don't rike people to invade my personar space but, [Y/N] you are the onry exception. You can touch me arr you want." He said in a very seductive voice as he took you and held you under him as if he were about to kiss you. You balanced on the heels of your shoes and Japan's hold on you. He had tilted you and was now hovering over you as you blushed like a otaku/fangirl. You felt like you were about to explode from blushing...just thinking about "touching him arr you want" well, it kinda turned you on.

You studied Kiku's facial features only to blush more. One of the reasons why you loved him: his adorable face. But right now...he was sexy. Not to mention how nice he could be but right now...he was acting very sexy and putting his good looks and sexiness to use.

"Ah..." You made the girly version of the noise "uh". You were very speechless at the moment. What were you going to do?! Oh yeah...CLOSE THE DAMN ANNOYING GAP BETWEEN YOU AND KIKU!

You did so. And were glad as soon as you did it. It may seem gross but Kiku tasted of salted salmon but to you, it tasted great on him. Not really knowing how to kiss you shyly pushed your head forward only to have Kiku move his hands to your waist and straighten the both of you up so that you were both standing.

After having a tug-o-war with moving your heads forward, you let go to breathe. Kiku's hands left your waist and you turned around.

"[Y/N]? Are you arright?" Japan questioned you. He was slightly panting. You were his first kiss and he enjoyed it just as much as you did, maybe even more. You were just so adorable, sweet, and nice. Not to mention all of the things you could do: cook, clean, work, garden, sew, fencing, the list went on and on. You were perfect all to him...he loved you.

"OHMYGOD! I KISSED YOU! AHHHHH!" You squealed. Japan sweatdropped then almost had a little nosebleed.

"Your cute is showing, [Y/N]." Japan said before he turned you around for another sweet kiss.


"Aishiteru, [Y/N]."

"Aishiteru, Kiku."
Me and a friend were talking about the whole "No touchie" thing with Japan and how I should make a one-shot on it. So, here it is! I got the title from the awesome Paramore song "The Only Exception" AWESOME! :iconparamoreplz:

MY FIRST AWESOME/EXTREMELY FLUFFY ONE-SHOT! :iconyaygilbirdplz: (I have others...)

Japan approves of it with his sexiness and otakuness! :iconjapanposeplz: :iconpirate-japan: :iconribbonjapanplz: :iconjapanheartplz: :iconkikuhondaplz: :iconyesjapanplz: :iconfirejapanplz:

Not to mention... :iconitssofluffyplz:
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When Japan said "Your cute is showing", I had to stop myself from fangirling,squealing,and screaming,I had to bite my sandwich and keep it in my mouth (I never chew with my mouth so the construction workers who are doing a renovation upstairs don't hear me!
DisneyFreakGirl Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012
when i saw the title i went and started playing the song while i read, so much fun
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