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June 24, 2012
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*aimai kabutta kamen moshikashite ima made miseteta sore mo uso? aitai tarinai HAATO sashidashite ki ga tsukya DAIYA mo ubawarechatteru.*

You didn't know why but she always wore one. It was rare for her to smile. NOT especially around you because the two of you were best friend; however the hell that happened. She always had her poke face on. She barely smiled.

*honshou? honnou? hontou?*

"Smile for me." You would tell her. These were the only times she did. She really only did when you told her to. She was very more...friendly around you. You had grown to like her in more then a friendly way but, you were both girls. How would that work out?

*saiwai saigai PIERO ochichatte mienai tokoro ni BURAFU hattemata. "Nounai doudai?" misukasare sugite dou ni mo kou ni mo atama ni kuru ze.*

Your last little hope of ever having Belarus love you back was killed with her poker face. She never showed any affection whether it was friendly or not.

*acchi kocchi onisan kochira te no naru hou e I want you. WAN PEA? TSUU PEA? iya FURU HAUSU? abaite miseru kara*

"How do I tell her?" The both of you would think. You really wanted for her to at least know when little did you know...Belarus was in the same boat.

*mienai misenai ryoume fusaijatte "Mou nai" "Soukai" damasareta furi ousama kidori no KAADO chiratsukase "Kou narya iji da" to  noserareta ashi*

Belarus really hated to show it, that's why she hid her feelings with a poker face. If she didn't she would always be blushing around you. She had forgotten about Russia a long time...ever since you came around.

*"Iya iya soitsu wa nisemono desu" to iwarete ki ga tsukya  mou te okurenu nando mo nando mo damasarechatte dou ni mo kou ni mo atama ni kuru ze*

One day the two of you decided to go hike up a hill because Belarus wanted to "Go the the peak with [Y/N]." This phrase only caused you to blush. You usually only made it seem like you were embarrassed all of the time. It was just your way of covering up your emotions.

*kanzen hanzai naritataseru wa ikioi amatte I kill you ARIBAI tsukutte omote no kao wa ii ko ni shita furi*

It was sunset by the time Belarus finally took it off. She blushed and helf her knees to her chest as she sat next to you.


*katte ureshii wa nai chimonme ano ko ga hoshii no I want you koukan jouken mitome sasenai JYOOKAA ubatte miseru kara*

"Yeah, Bela?" You turned your head to see her looking down. You never seen her like this before...she looked to sweet and innocent. You wanted to glomp her and scream "Kawaii" like China probably would.

"Moment of truth." Belarus whispered very quietly and inaudible to herself.

*usotsuki kamen ura hontou wa terekakushi? oshiete yo*

"I love you." She whispered oh-so-sweetly. You blushed and looked down.

"Wh-what?" You stuttered. She only cracked a small smile as she kissed you softly on the lips.

*acchi  kocchi  onisan kochira te no naru hou e I want you ONE PAIR? TWO PAIR? iya FURU HAUSU? te no uchi akashite*

You let it flow. You kissed her back with emotion but gentleness. You wrapped your arms around her so softly that she relaxed and Belarus fell gently on top on you.

She seemed so sweet and innocent; like you thought before. This was the Belarus that you knew was under the poker face. The one you loved.

*kanzen hanzai  naritataseru wa ikioi amatte  I love you saigo no kirifuda  sashidasu mae ni abaite miseru kara*

The two of you then separated for air. You sat up with Belarus in your lap. You stroked her cheek with the back of your hand.

"I love you too." You blushed as you said it but the one who was blushing the most was Belarus. She smiled as she hugged you.

*honshou? honnou? hontou?*

"She seems so happy." You thought as you slowly stroked her beautiful silky platinum blonde hair.

"The poker face is now and forever gone." She whispered into your chest; tickling you with her breath. She looked up and stared at your [E/C] orbs with her own dark blue ones.

You pulled her in for another kiss.

"I will always treat her like a princess."
Song fic! No, not Lady Gaga's :iconladygagaplz: Poker Face! Gumi Megpoid's Poker Face!

So this is my first Yuri! Hurhur! I. Had. To. I love Belarus so much. She is my favorite female character and it wasn't until two days ago that I realized I love her X3 Yes, in that way. Don't get me started on the things I would do to her. Okie well...maybe one word: Sesso. :iconbelarusplz: :iconsexybelarusplz: :iconbelagasmplz: :iconbelarusblushplz: :iconbelarusblueroseplz:

Poker Face by Gumi Megpoid: [link] :icongumiplz:

Picture not mine! Belongs to: :iconshanella101: I have permission to use it!

THIS IS NOT A ONE-SHOT! I REPEAT THIS IS NOT A ONE-SHOT! (Well it kinda is a one-shot/song-fic...) This is apart of my new collection of BelarusXReader yuri fanfiction; it is called "Innocent". I really hate how there is barely any yuri in the BelarusXReader category.
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