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September 21, 2012
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"Okay listen up here, Lucky's!" Elizabeta said as she banged the chalkboard with her hand two times. (This is a tradition in your club for getting attention, proving attitude, or fangirling; banging a chalk board with your hand.) All members of the Lucky Star Club looked up at Elizabeta. Lili (Liechtenstein), Bela (Belgium), Mei (Taiwan), Jeanette (Monaco), Natalia (Belarus), Katyusha (Ukraine), Victoria (Seychelles), Elizabeta (Hungary), and you were all apart of the Lucky Start Club at World W Academy. Here in this club you girls talked about anime and you were the ones who organized all dances and events due to their not being any student council at the school. You girls were basically the idols of World W. Academy.

"Today we have been notified of some gossip that was going on around lunch of a couple of boys wanting to make a Host Club." Elizabeta started off. Gasps emitted from a few of you. A Host Club? Who would even make one? Who was leading this? How did they get the idea of making their own? So many questions formed into your heads. The tension could be felt throughout the whole club room.

"Well, we obviously can not allow them to be the top club of the school!" Bela said.

"We would no longer be able to organize dances and events! And we have a prom to organize this year!" Victoria looked over to Katyusha as she said this since Katyusha was the one graduating this year.

"This is chaos...but we can't allot anyone to panic over it. We need to take this calmly and rationally..." Lili tried to calm the club members down.

You got up from your seat and walked up to the front. Banging your hand on the chalkboard twice, you got everyone's attention. You cleared your throat. "Obviously we should find out who exactly is apart and in this Host Club so that we can keep a close eye on them all." Nods of agreement followed around the room.

"Then it's settled!" Elizabeta exclaimed.


"Alright now, men!" Alfred F. Jones said as he led the first ever club Meeting for World W.'s Host Club. The host club had two leaders: Alfred F. Jones and Arthur Kirkland. Alfred because he came up with the idea and Arthur because he was...well, a gentlemen! These two are who started this host club. Alfred, Arthur, Francis, Matthew, Ivan, Yao, Feliciano, Lovino, Antonio, Kiku, Ludwig, and Gilbert were all members of the Host Club.

"As our first meeting we will discuss ideas for our Host Club. We all know of the possibilities of it all." Arthur said.

"Besides flirting with girls all day?" Gilbert joked. His "Bad Touch Trio" laughed a bit with him.

"Gilbert, please, take this seriously! It's all about making the lonely girls at the school feel good about themselves." Arthur explained.

"And for the awesome uniforms we get to wear!" Alfred yelled, interrupting everything. "Hahaha!"
Summary: You are your friends have made a "Lucky Star" club revolving around anime appreciation and just having a good time in World W Academy. Your club is the talk and popularity of the school until...a few boys decide to make a Host Club. The Host Club instantly takes all of the popularity. A rivalry begins for who has the better club. By making this rivalry the Lucky Star Club becomes a Maid Host Club. The competition then begins. But what if a member of the Host Club and the Lucky Star Club find love? What if that member of the Lucky Star Club was you?
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