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May 25, 2013
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Chapter 2

"Ow, ow, ow, ow..." You moaned in hurt from the impact. It's not every day that someone falls out of the sky to hit you and your orange celestial spirit cat. Then again it's not every day that people see someone with an orange celestial spirit cat. There aren't many CELESTIAL SPIRIT cats around. Most of them just hatch from eggs.

"[Y/N], are you okay?" You heard Clae muster. You two were on the ground. Your blurry vision slowly became clear until you seen that whoever fell on you two was still on top of you two. The boy gave a small grunt. His eyes opened.

"You're crushing my cat..." You calmly said.

"Oh! Sorry!" He exclaimed as he got off of the two of you. You took in his appearance. Pink hair. Black eyes. He wore a black vest with gold sequins. He also has this white with red sequins scarf. His bottoms were unusual for a boy. White pants with a black with gold sequins skirt thingy over it. Need you explain more? What was this getup?

Then you noticed his right shoulder. A Fairy Tail Guild mark. Whoa! This guy was a member of Fairy Tail?! Wait! That scarf and pink hair...Salamander! This guy used fire dragon slayer magic! The one and only Salamander was right in front of you! Don't lose your cool though, [Y/N].

"You're...Salamander...right?" You said with just a little hint of excitement. You felt a little squeal coming on, but you tried to ignore it so that it wouldn't happen.

"Look at his shoulder, [Y/N], he's from Fairy Tail!" Clae decided to interrupt the guy just when he was about to answer. Clae decided to keep talking. So he ran his little mouth. "[Y/N] here really wants to be apart of Fairy Tail! It's like her total dream! She can do water and earth magic and she has one celestial key and that happens to be me. Since you're Salamander and all you can get her in, right?!"

"Yeah, I can but I'll need to see her magic first." Your eyes widened.

"What's your real name, anyways?" You asked.

"Natsu. Now, get ready." He took a battle stance. Wait! Did that mean he wanted to fight to see your magic? He was a Fire Dragon Slayer though. You could do water magic. You could easily beat this guy!

"Alright. You're on." You grinned. "Aqua fallen, rain!" Your blue magic seal appeared near your hands.

"[Y/N]! Not that spell!" Clae complained. "You'll kill him!"

"Come on, Clae, it's just a little rain to put out his flame. And I did it just a while ago." You focused on the spell as you tried to cast it, fast. Just as it started to come into place a blue cat like Clae came flying towards Natsu.

"There you are, Natsu! Erza is looking for you an-"

Your spell finally came into place. It washed away the two poor cats away. Natsu tried to stay standing. "I'm not gonna give up so easily, muddie!"

"Muddie?!" You yelled. "I'll show you muddy!" You took a new stance. "Aqua fallen typoon!" You cast this spell with one hand. "Stone crusher rocks!" You cast this with the other hand. With this spell your typoon hit your rocks, causing them to become muddy.

Just as this spell was about to hit Natsu, someone else fell out of the sky. Er- more like she just flew or something. As this red headed chick hit the ground right in front of you, the shockwave made you pass out. A huge blow during a spell? That was just simply too much for you.


"Is she dead?" (Happy)

"Of course she isn't! Look at her chest!" (Clae)

"I've never met a perverted feline before." (Erza)

"I'm not a pervert! Whatever you're thinking that's not what I meant! Just look, [Y/N]'s breathing!" (Clae)

"Now that you mention it though... just look at her chest...hehe" (Loke) (Note: The Fairy Tail stereotype is that all girls have nice bodies. Big boobs and hips. Yup :/)

"Could you stop being perverted for once? You aren't even supposed to be on this mission with us in the first place." (Gray)

"Gray, your clothes!" (Lucy)

"Ah!" (Gray)

Just as your eyes opened you seen a few people looking over you. You looked around. An orange haired guy, Natsu from before, a blonde haired chick, the red headed chick from before, the blue cat & Clae, and finally...a black haired guy in his underwear. You pretended to pass out again.

"Hey, I seen that. You're awake." You opened an eye to see the black haired guy talking. You quickly shut your eye and shook your head for no. How childish of you.

"And you're naked. What's next, gonna go streaking?" You muttered.

"[Y/N]! What are you doing?! These guys are all from Fairy Tail!" Clae yelled at you.

You shot up; sitting up, eyes opened. Fairy Tail...Fairy Tail...Fairy Tail. These guys were all Fairy Tail wizards. Ah, you could see it just now...Them killing you for thinking you attacked Natsu or something like that. Time to kiss your life goodbye.

"You're all gonna kill me now, right?" You had a dazed look on your face.

"Why would we kill you?" The red headed girl asked. You twitched.

"You don't think that I tried to attack Natsu...?" You asked.

"I already explained it all. No need to worry." You looked to Natsu. He gave you a huge grin.

"So does that mean...?" You were asking about becoming apart of Fairy Tail now. Your lifelong dream guild.

"You sure got it." (Insert Natsu's huge grin here and the ending credits of the first season ^w^ It's fitting.)
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