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|~April 15th, 2012~|

Turning, turning,, spinning, spinning, was all in a circle. Repetitive. Nothing was different. It was all the same. Repeating on and on...

And on...

And on...

I felt hollow. Emotionless. Well, more like I was keeping them all in. Hiding them all with an empty expressioned mask. It hurt.

My heart.

It felt as if it were burning away. The pain was beyond feeling numb.

Why was I feeling this way?

Oh yeah...because I'm portrayed as a--


"Breakfast is ready, [Y/N]!" The familiar voice of Canada called out to you, interrupting your reading of a depressing fanfiction. It has been a while since you've been here, that's what you were thinking as you turned off your laptop and walked out of your room. Why now of all days were you thinking about this? has been quite a while already. You were confident with a few things as well now. Stereotypes were cleared up and peace was made throughout the house.

But most of all, you knew who you were going to choose. None other than [Y/C]. And you would address him about it today after breakfast.

Did that make it all...well all that? Was it the end? Would it all be over?

You thought as you sat down and ate your pancakes. You sipped some orange juice and sighed. Crossing your legs, you shut your eyes. As your brows furrowed you tucked some hair behind your ear and slightly grunted.

"In deep thought?" Canada asked. You could tell that he was behind you from the sound of his voice. You slightly nodded. There was a short silence before he spoke yet again. "Today is the day, huh? You're gonna choose..." You opened your eyes as you heart footsteps.

He was right beside you now. Looking off into the distance of the window. The sun was shining through and the meadow outside was in clear view. Flowers were fully bloomed and springtime just screamed all over outside.

You cleared your throat. Canada looked to you and nodded as an acknowledgment. He then cleared his throat as well before saying what was on his mind. "So you're not gonna tell me, huh? Who you chose?" You nodded yet slightly smiled.

"I'm not telling anyone except him after I'm done with breakfast." The two of you always woke up early and ate earlier before everyone else. You looked at the kitchen clock.


You better hurry and eat breakfast before everyone else invades the kitchen. Of course, there WERE others who woke up before you two and took something quick to go out or whatever. Like Germany or Switzerland who took something like an orange or apple with some milk or orange juice then went outside for their morning routine. Germany with this jog and Switzerland with feeding his goats and checking the perimeter.

Anyways, back to eating. You scarfed down the est of your pancakes then gulped down the rest of your orange juice.

It was time, [Y/N].
The End, basically.
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