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September 18, 2012
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|~Part 1: Reuniting~|

It had been about three years since you had moved away two best friends; Kiku and Yao. Today was the day that you could finally see them both again. The two of them had actually joined together to save money to go see you. When they had called you to tell you this news you were shocked. Kiku and Yao both had crushes on you, you knew this, but there was a sort triangle between it all.

Kiku was so possessive of wanting you all to himself but he tried to hide it; and you really were the only one who had noticed. Yao thought that you loved Kiku as well as himself but he didn't want to "get in the way"of you two. Yao thought that if you were happy, he was as well.

What a "wonderful" love triangle that you had. Before you used to have a different triangle then after that a pentagon but now it was all a triangle. What you wondered about most, since you had a triangle, was how these two actually got along to do this all. They always had a weird tension of negativity towards each other, although they both had their moments of when they were "bros."

They would arrive here by plane. You had to go to the airport soon to meet and reunite with the two boys. You looked at the clock to see that it was 12:49 pm. Time to stop procrastinating, [Y/N]! You had to go now or you'd be late! So you grabbed your keys and walked out the door.


As you drove to the airport you thought of when the three of you were away from each other. You, of course, had grew two years older; from fourteen to sixteen as well as Kiku and Yao. "It sure has been a long time..." You thought.

Your [H/C] hair has grown slightly longer. It was now about [H/L]. [E/C] eyes still sparkled and would bring a smile to someone's face, especially if you were smiling; but mostly with close friends. You didn't think that you looked any special but you supposed that it was your personality that made you get many friends almost anywhere.

Soon your thoughts came to a halt when you noticed that you had made it to your destination. It took a while but you found a parking space and exited your car. You took a deep breath before you started to walk into the airport. "Flight 23 exit..." You thought as you walked around, trying to find where the boys would come from.

Shortly, you found the certain exit and people were already slowly walking out. Your look of nervousness soon turned into a look of excitement at the thought of finally seeing them again. A huge smile cracked onto your face as you continued to wait.

"Can you from here see if she's arrived yet, aru?!" You faintly heard a Chinese accent from about a few yards away. Your smile became bigger; if possible.

"I can't see! Shourdn't you? You're tarrer then me, Yao!" And there was that Japanese accent, already starting to argue with Yao. You sweatdropped slightly but still remained smiling as you listen to them come closer. Their voices becoming louder as they neared towards you.

"Look! Is that her, aru?" Yao said but Kiku was already way ahead of him. What was he doing exactly that made him ahead of him? Well, Kiku simply ran up to you; and ditched his bags to Yao.

"[Y/N]-san!" At the call of your name Kiku hugged you. Threw things popped into your mind. One, he was hugging you when he had a "no touchie" rule. Two, he smelt of Salted Salmon, but in a good way. Three, you were blushing.

Kiku wouldn't let go...
Something I started off in should be a short "part" story.

I got the pairing idea from mein new love triangle X3

I hope you all enjoy it! And please remember to watch me for more FanFiction, updates, and other fangirl things~ ^^
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Please make a sequel! I Really like the Idea of Yao and Kiku love triangle!! :D
(especially since I Love, love triangle story's ^^)
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