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Price list:
Digital Chibi: 8 :points:
Traditional Chibi: 10 :points:
Digital Mochi: 3 :points:
Traditional Mochi: 4 :points:
Digital of OC: 8-20 :points: (You can note me the details as to whether it will be a full body, half body, head only, so on...)
Digital Background: 8-15 :points: (Depends on whether you would like it simple or not.)
Traditional Background: 10-20 :points:
One-shot Fanfiction: 8 :points: (Can be canonXcanon, OCxcanon, Reader Insert, but NO OCXOC OR LEMONS!)
Two-shot Fanfiction: 12 :points: (Same rules as one-shot.)
Three-shot Fanfiction: 16 :points: (Once again, same rules.)
Chapter Fanfiction Story: 10 :points: Per chapter Special: 25 :points: can get you 5 chapters and 50 :points: can get you 10 (Same rules as one-shot though)
Lemon Fanfiction: 20 :points: (Only CanonXCanon, OCXCanon, or Reader Insert. NO OCXOC!)

You can note me all your details if you want a commission ^w^ And I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Although that is highly rare.

Please donate just because too! I would like a membership for a bit ^w^

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Journal History

My newest two stories will have two different formats. One being my usual fanfiction format. Two being a visual novel/dating sim. Yup. That's right. Two datings sims on the way. A Hetalia one and a Fairy Tail one. I'm not guartenteeing any school uniforms in it though XD Despite the fact that they are high school stories.

Now for my other huge Hetalia Dating Sim I am working on is on a hiatus. I think I need to try a few smaller things before such a huge one.

The heroine in all the stories willdepend on you. So please, vote on what you would like her to look like:

Hair Color:
Hair Length/Style:
Eye Color:

I'll use [Y/N] for it unless I can find out how to code it so you can enter a name. Codes need to correspond to each other so yeah...this can be hard. But I'm not looking down about it!

Note: I have a life so my high school softball team, family, homework, friends, and boyfriend might get in the way sometimes of my working days on these things.

Final note: I'm working on a video to use as a copyright of ButterflyXMoonlight crapski. So basically an opening for the Kidnapped By Your Musical Melody. Not sure if I'll make one for Faory Tail Falls though. Fanfiction parts will always come before the visual novel parts. And uh, the song I chose for the opening is Selvästi Päihtynyt by Jenni Vartiainen. It's a Finnish song so I have the Finnish to English lyrics here.

Selvästi päihtynyt

ensimmäinen kerta kun nähdään kuivin suin sua jännitän
paljastuuko etten oo hauska tyhjästä vain länkytän

leijan lailla taivaalla
kun rakkaus keinuttaa kuin laivalla

on tammikuu pitkä ja tipaton
tammikuu synkkä ja hipaton
vain sinusta oon selvästi päihtynyt
tähän elämään uudestisyntynyt

lauantaina kolmannen kerran nähdään kaikki kahtena
koiranpennun lailla kun leikkii ei vain ehdi nukkua

leijan lailla taivaalla
kun rakkaus keinuttaa kuin laivalla

on tammikuu pitkä ja tipaton
tammikuu synkkä ja hipaton
vain sinusta oon selvästi päihtynyt
tähän elämään uudestisyntynyt

tän kaiken kerrankin muistaa voisin
sangriakannunkin turhaan joisin
kun vain sinusta oon selvästi päihtynyt

on tammikuu pitkä ja tipaton
tammikuu synkkä ja hipaton
vain sinusta oon selvästi päihtynyt
tähän elämään uudesti syntynyt


Clearly intoxicated

First time when we see, I am dry mouthed with nervousness about you
Will it be revealed that I'm not funny, I only drivel about nothing

Like a kite in the sky
When love cradles like on a ship

January is long and sober
January, gloomy and without parties
Just from you I am clearly intoxicated
Reborn into this life

On saturday wee see everything double for the third time
When you play like a puppy dog, you just don't have the time to sleep

Like a kite in the sky
When love cradles like on a ship

January is long and sober
January, gloomy and without parties
Just from you I am clearly intoxicated
Reborn into this life

All this I could remember for once
I'd drink a jug of sangria too for no reason
When only from you I am clearly intoxicated

January is long and sober
January, gloomy and without parties
Just from you I am clearly intoxicated
Reborn into this life

So that's it. I'm done explaing for now. Let's see...don't do drugs, stay in school, and wear condoms. (Pierce The Veil reference FTW)
Fairy Tail Falls [Fairy Tail Fanfiction]
What happens in high school, affects your reputation. With the entire school occupied on the couples and their business, you feel left out. It seems that everyone is either idolizing a couple or getting into a relationship. Being the shadow of a group sucks, it isn't fun at all. When a transfer student comes into play, you don't expect anything to happen: life isn't a fairy tale it's what you make it to be. But what if you made it a "Fairy Tail"? (Fanfiction, alternate universe, reader insert, romantic comedy, high school setting, light drama, present setting)

Kidnapped By Your Musical Melody (KBYMM) [Hetalia Fanfiction]
Is there a reason to go to junior prom when you don't care? School is for studying to prepare for a boring life. Face the facts, not everything can be what you want it to be. At least music can be the little escape from a dull, gray, bland life. Turn the melody around and view what's really in front of you. Junior prom night may just turn out to be a musical melody escape. (Fanfiction, reader insert, alternate universe, high school setting, comedy, romance, drama, suspense, musical)
Well Happy Holidays all of you lovely people out there! Enjoying life? I sure am. High scjool is a blast! A whole new experience that's getting me prepared for the world out there in 4 years. So how is you guy's school life? Any good?

Anyways, now for a short rant. When I first started on here, I was very obnoxious and conceited. I admit it. Although now, well, I still kinda am just not as bad. I can be a little playfully conceited when people compliment me, such as "oh you're so pretty" with a teasing response of "thanks I know". Now obmoxious when I get too fangirly. I'm human. I'm sorry. I'm only like this online really. Irl, I'm my usual self minus being obnoxious + conceited. I'm the opposite on conceited irl and I'm only obnoxious towards people I dislike.

Okay, now to my stories! Kidnapped By Sexy Wizards will have a new setting/background change. It is now taking place in the Tenrou Island Arc. All I have to do is fix one part wherw Happy says that Gajeel doesn't have a cat yet. So after [Y/N] & Natsu's job will be the S-Class test. Then the 7 empty years (I will make a mini chapter without you in it for this arc). For the whole Key Of The Starry Sky arc...well, let's just say you will not be apart of this arc. You will be on a REAL solo quest somewhere. FINALLY, the Grand magic Games Arc where EXTRA drama will ensue between relationships. And not just with you! Don't wanna make the reader look like a Mary Sue (even though some people look for even the smallest flaw to accuse Mary Sue-ness). Relationship drama will also be between some of your ships! Haha! These ships include: CanaXLaxus GajeelXLevy MirajaneXLaxus JuviaXGray LisannaXNatsu ReaderXGray LucyXNatsu  StingXLucy GrayXLucy JellalXErza UlXGray ReaderXSting Other Existing Relationships LevyXGray (whaaat???) ReaderXNatsu EvergreenXElfman and fiiiiiiiiiinally, HappyXCarla & RomeoXWendy because it's adorable cx Crazy right? I'm gonna fit all this relationship drama in starting now just to balance it all. So the new matches for you (the reader) areeeee: Natsu, Gray, Sting (MAINLY. Suggestions will be considered in the comments ^.^)

Anything else to touch up on? Hmm. I have written a lot more songs! And I am making an ORIGINAL story c: Uh, my other fanfictions will be upfated very slowly as my main priorities are Kidnapped By Sexy Wizards & soon to be more Fairy Tail Stories liiiiiiiiiike Fairy Tail Falls + many FT one shots.

WHAAAAAT?!?!?! FAIRY TAIL FALLS?!?!?! Yep. FTF. Summary yet to be released. As soon as it is planned out I will make a new journal post :D

See you guys around! Thanks for reading! :iconlucywaveplz:
  • Mood: Longing
Well honestly, anything would be nice. I am in many fandoms. Hetalia, Fairy Tail, Kingdom Hearts, etc. I love bands, anime, and video games. That's basically me in a nutshell.
Wow! Thanks, what a great thing to come back to. Just a little checkup right now and all. Not aure when I'll start writing fanfiction again. I've been writing songs lately though. 

But when I get the time to, I'd love to write again. I know for sure I'm gonna publish a Canada Guide To Gakuen Hetalia. Maybe update KBSM2 and Kidnapped By Sexy Wizards. I dunno. I need ideas. You guys have any requests?  I should have my boyfriend create a dA. 

Well, that's all for now! ^w^
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Can You Feel My Heart - Bring Me The Horizon


ButterflyXMoonlight's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
~An Honorary Fairy Tail, Kingdom Hearts, Hetalia & Creepypasta Fangirl~

My Fairy Tail loves list: (Males)
1.) Gray Fullbuster
2.) Natsu Dragneel
3.) Sting Eucliffe

My Fairy Tail loves list: (Females)
1.) Cana Alberona
2.) Juvia Lockser
3.) Levy McGarden
4.) Erza Scarlet
5.) Lucy Heartfilia

My Fairy Tail OTP is GaLe! They! Belong with each other! They need to get together in the manga and anime. They NEED to. GAJEEL GET SOME BALLS AND ASK HER OUT ALREADY GOD DAMMIT! LEVY NEEDS YOU! I love this pairing so much I don't even let any of my fanfiction get in the way of it. XD

My Hetalia OTP is AMECHI! Because 1: My Hetalia internet friends call me China because I look like Fem!China. 2: America is my first favorite! I LOVE him the most! 3: If you put that together AmericaxChina=AmericaxNatasha (me!)

Le One Of My Best Friends -> :iconmariserver666:

I am just a 14 year old girl who is obsessed with Hetalia, Kingdom Hearts, Karneval, and Fairy Tail. (Ellie Goulding, Katy Perry, Lana Del Rey, Paramore, and Marina And The Diamonds too.) I really am a crazy fangirl/otaku for it. I'm not afraid to say that I love them with all my heart. Without Hetalia, my life would be incomplete. Same goes for Kingdom Hearts and Fairy Tail! With my absolute love for Gray Fullbuster XD I'm so scary I'm like Juvia! That's why I love her so much! But I still don't support Gruvia. I just wanna be Juvia lol

I have had people who have made fun of my work before. Thinking that it was a parody when I was actually serious. So, to all of the people who don't admire my work:
Love Me, Hate Me, But Don't Forget Me. (A quote by me!)

Next, I am a girl, who loves yaoi/yuri/hentai and I'm not embarrassed to say it!

30 Sexy Hetalia Men Long List: (The ones whom I love, in order; Males)
1.) America, Switzerland, & Italy (Yes, they share the same spot!)
2.) Canada
3.) England
4.) France & Prussia
5.) Lithuania
6.) Romano
7.) Hong Kong
8.) Scotland
9.) Poland
10.) Greece
11.) Iceland
12.) Finland
13.) Japan
14.) South Korea
15.) Spain
16.) Romania
17.) Russia
18.) Germany
19.) North Korea
20.) Sweden
21.) Sealand
22.) Norway
23.) China
24.) Latvia
25.) Denmark
26.) Australia
27.) Turkey
28.) Egypt
29.) Mexico
30.) Austria


Now, Creepypasta! I Love dat shit too! My favorite it BEN DROWNED thank you very much! This Halloween of 2013 I want to be Slenderman er- girl XD But anyways, I fricken LOVE Creepypasta.

Hetalia Hidden Secret Love List: (The one with a special place in my heart; Females)
1.) Belarus (I'm bisexual/lesbian for Belarus. I love her in a sexual/romantic way so much. I don't mind Male!Belarus that much, he's pretty sexy.)
2.) Hungary & Liechtenstein (They share the same spot)
3.) Monaco

Hetalia Hidden Secret Loves List: (The ones with special places in my heart; Males)
1.) AMERICA, Switzerland, France, ITALY, China, & JAPAN (They be sharing the same #1!)
2.) Romano & Spain (I love them both the same!)
3.) Italy & Canada (Yes they share the same slot)

Lastly, I LOVE it when I get comments, these make me feel like I'm praised for my work.

Best video ever:…

(PS: I would appreciate it if you give me some points! It's so easy, just click here: ButterflyXMoonlight.deviantart… )

This is always on my mind 24/7:
♪♫I don't believe in Fairytales♪♫
♪♫But I believe in you and me♪♫
♪♫Take me to Wonderland♪♫

You better remember it, dammit!
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