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Tbh despite my love for many KH characters I'm a Zexion/Ienzo kinda fangirl.





I'm currently in the phase where you watch a bunch of throwback anime from when you were around the ages of 7-10. For me I'm totally into Yugioh and Bleach at the moment. I love to play duel monsters and read bleach fan fiction.

So here's the question, am I going to ruin Bleach or Yugioh with my horrible fanfiction? I dunno man...I dunno yet. Some Bleach oneshots should do me good.

I have summer school so I always find myself completely worn down on top of caring for my hamster Larry. Being 16 isn't all shoujo and senpais how I thought it'd be.

Kaiba, Yusei, and Reiji are life.
Ichigo, Renji, and Toshiro can take my life and honestly I wouldn't care.

So yeah, I'm alive. I have horrible fanfiction ideas as usual. Yep. Stay tuned I suppose.
People are funny. If I wish to write bad or in a parody style then I can, dude. It's for my own entertainment which is why I update whenever I wish.
Alright, I've been procrastinating by reliving my childhood Harvest Moon games. Sorry! I'll get to work whenever.
My week long winter break starts as soon as the bells rings tomorrow. This means updating!

    Zexion knew it the second you stepped into his room on that fateful day. You walked in not knowing who he was. He was shocked to see you, but you didn’t recognize him. This drowned his spirits. You were the girl he once had feelings for in Radiant Garden. He wasn’t able to realize how strong these feelings were before the accident.

    But what he did know was the sting of pain when you didn’t look at him the same.

    He clearly remembered how you would greet him. Every morning on his way to the castle, there would be your smiling face. Some days you would have a lunch for him and he appreciated it every time. He only wished he could have given you better presents in return. You were always happy either way with a new synthesis material.

    But you didn’t know your past self.


    About a week had passed before you were sent on another mission. Your missions came in slowly as Saix said, the Superior didn’t want to overwhelm you so quickly. He also said you should be grateful, but you didn’t quite understand how worked the others were with missions.

    This mission was with Zexion to do some recon in a world called Wonderland. So far the mission had been entirely quiet as the world was covered with card soldiers. This place had a very stubborn queen with very stubborn cards and a very weak king with no say.

    Zexion was very good at staying quiet being a master of illusions and all. You wondered if he could make it easier to not be spotted with his element. The Cloaked Schemer was very underestimated.

    “I believe it would be best if you didn’t space out.” He told you. His tone was sort of sarcastic and what made it more threatening was he said it in a harsh whisper.

    “I’m sorry. You’re just good at staying silent.” You admitted.

    “We’re just about done here anyways.” He said while crossing to a bush across the room. He motioned for you to follow. Behind the bush was a dark corridor that led back to the castle. The two of you quickly reported to Saix and then just like that, the mission was over.

    “Wait, Zexion!” You called quickly. You started to follow him only to bump into Xigbar. “Oh, I’m sorry.” You quickly apologized, hoping to get away fast. You wanted to ask Zexion if he was the one who organized the library. You went in there sometimes on your days off.

    “It seems you’re always apologizing to me, babe.” Xigbar smirked.

    “Um, I wanted to ask-“ You tried to explain that you were in a hurry, but you were cut off instead.

    “We have a mission together tomorrow. Stay sharp.” He tasseled your  [H/C] hair then walked away. You decided to give up on finding Zexion. It wasn’t even that important anyways.


    Halloween Town was a quiet and dark place. It was scary looking and really lived up to its name. You walked through the dark corridor and stepped into the world. You seemed to be in a graveyard with very large tombstones. You weaved around them, somewhat goofing off. You knew you had to find Xigbar but-

    “Boo!” Xigbar appeared above you, upside down using his gravity element. You held your heart, or at least where it would have been and gave a little “kyaa!” of terror. Well, so much for finding Xigbar. He chuckled for a while after scaring you.

    “I knew I had to find you, but I didn’t think like this.” You pouted for a few seconds. Then stopped just as he wiped a tear from laughing.

    “You should have seen your face! It was adorable!” He kept laughing. He held his stomach and killed the silence of Halloween Town. How weird to be laughing this hard in a graveyard after scaring you.

    “Okay, okay. It was funny.” You said, hoping to get him to stop laughing.

    “I’m sorry.” He said with a smirk before coming down and onto his two feet. You wondered where his body that was hidden in that dark hole he made would go.

    “Who’s apologizing now?” He raised an eyebrow. You got him on that one. You had been apologizing to him all the time. There was that time with the poison, then last week when you burnt his toast during breakfast, and yesterday when you bumped into him. “Now we have to collect some hearts so…” You trailed off.

    “How about I start with yours?” He suggested. That would have been smooth, if you had a heart.

    “What heart?” You shot him down. You still weren’t aware that what Xigbar had been doing was flirting. You figured he was just teasing you or something. Xigbar soon caught onto the idea of you being oblivious to his flirting. He then started to follow you to wherever you believe there would be heartless.

    “Do you even know what flirting is?” He asked after some silence. You two had already taken out a few heartless. Mostly Xigbar was the one to take them out given his weapon was more of an advantage and he was The Freeshooter.

    “Yes. Why have you been flirting with me?” You asked. A shadow heartless came running at you. You summoned your sword and took it out.

    “As if!” He lied.

    “Why are you lying?” You asked.

    “Wait, so you knew I was flirting?” He shot a nearby heartless.

    “You just told me now so I put two and two together.” You said. “We’ve hit the number of hearts to collect, time to go home.” You raised your hand to make a dark corridor, but still you had trouble with it at time. Xigbar made one himself and motioned for you to go in first.

    “[Y/N]!” You were met with an excited voice when you came through the portal. It was Demyx. “Can you help me make some lunch? I wanted to follow a recipe, but Saix doesn’t trust me with the oven by myself.”

    It seemed that already your days had become more and more busy.

KBOXIII ReaderXOrganization XIII Chapter 5
Kidnapped By Organization XIII Chapter 5

This chapter was short due to the next one, which is just a silly events chapter, which should be long.

Summary: [Y/N] was never supposed to become a Nobody. Nobodies can't feel, but they remember what it was like. Might as well take advantage of living without a heart and do what you do best: Remember. All any Nobody has to grasp onto is memory. "I never felt love as a Somebody, but I'm pretty sure this is what it would have felt like."

Chapter 4: KBOXIII ReaderXOrganization XIII Chapter 4
Chapter 6: KBOXIII ReaderXOrganization XIII Chapter 6

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~An honorary Hetalia, Fairy Tail, Kingdom Hearts, Anime, Creepypasta, and Bands fangirl~

An aries 15 year old confused succubus teenage girl who writes horrible weaboo fan service fanfiction filled with mary sues. Although I try not to as I mature.

Hentai, Yaoi, and Yuri are not feared here.

I cake eyeliner onto my eyes to make a fashion statement. Idk, think I'm still stuck in the emo/scene phase oops.

Weaboo bcuz weaboo.

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