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Tbh despite my love for many KH characters I'm a Zexion/Ienzo kinda fangirl.





    It had been a week since you met Ichigo and already you were smiling in bed late at night texting him. It seemed to be like this ever since that day. The only time you slept was when one of you had knocked out so the other did as well. Sometimes you felt stupid like one of those typical "just talking" people who stayed up late throwing around the word "bae". At least you two didn't say that.

Ichigo: Don't you have school tomorrow?

[Y/N]: No, summer school ended just yesterday

Ichigo: Do you have any plans?

[Y/N]: I'm guessing I do now

Ichigo: How about we go to the beach?

[Y/N]: As long as you buy me a snowcone

Ichigo: I'll pick you up tomorrow at 10

    You couldn't stop smiling and hugged your phone to your chest. Finally you'll see him again. You couldn't get him off of your mind since that day. Like you had suspected, you were already head over heels in just a matter of short time. Ichigo was so funny, understanding, and interesting. You couldn't wait until tomorrow. A few texts later and you had already fell asleep.

    The next day you dressed in a cute lacey [F/C] high waisted bikini with cute little bows on the straps. It didn't show much for the lace covered anything that deemed as "too much skin". Over your bikini you wore an over the shoulder [favorite light color] shirt that was just thin enough to see your bikini underneath. To top it all off you sported black jean shorts with matching fancy sandals. You were ready by nine forty-five and sat on the living room couch covering yourself in sun screen as you waited for your date.

    "I have to do it, [Y/N]." Your brother said as he paced the room. You rolled your eyes at him. "I'm gonna do it. I have to talk to him before any of this happens." You only nodded your head and continues to put on sun screen. "If he even THINKS about holding your hand, let alone kiss you I will end his short life on this earth."

    "Onii-chan, please, Ichigo isn't a bad guy. He wouldn't take advantage of my kisses. He'd cherish them." Just as your brother was about to find with anger the door bell rang and shortly after there was a knock on the door.

    "At least knock like a man." Your brother said as he opened the door. Ichigo stood there with a shocked expression. "Don't look at me like that buddy, we're having a talk."

    "I'm sorry but if we don't leave now then we'll miss the train to the beach, bye onii-chan!" You kissed your brother on the cheek goodbye before pulling Ichigo by the wrist out of your house and closed the door shut behind you. "I'm sorry about that." You said after you were outside.

    "He told me to knock like a man..." Ichigo trailed off. As he did this he noticed what you were wearing and a slight bit of pink dusted his cheeks. "You look beautiful." He complimented.

    "Ah, I- thank you." You stuttered out and looked to the ground. There he did it again, had your heart a flutter in no time.

    "Well we better hurry to the train station. My friends are probably waiting for us by now." Wait. Friends? Ichigo's friends would be there? You weren't mentally prepared for this. What if they didn't approve of you and they told him to get rid of you? What if all your chances of ever being his girlfriend were taken away just by one glance from his friends? Oh no this could be life or death. Love or loss. Kiss or diss!

    "[Y/N], are you alright?" Ichigo shook his hand in front of your face, hoping to get your attention. You snapped out of your worried gaze and looked to him.

    “Ah, yes I’m alright!” You said, straightening your back. Ichigo smiled at you then started walking with you following right next to him. Being shorter than him, you had to walk a little faster to match his pace. Before you knew it, you were at the train station. There stood Renji from before, along with a short black haired girl, an orange haired girl, a taller tan guy, a busty orange haired woman, and a very short white haired guy.

    “[Y/N] this is Renji, Rukia, Orihime, Chad, Rangiku, and Toshiro.” Ichigo introduced you to them one by one.

    “That’s Captain Hitsugaya to you.” Toshiro glared at Ichigo.

    “Right, well this is [Y/N].” Ichigo presented you. Instantly Rangiku found you very cute and complimented on your attire as well as Orihime. You were very shy and the second Rangiku was right in front of you to take a closer look you clung onto Ichigo’s arm.

    “She’s adorable! Look how she already feel so safe around you!” She almost screamed in excitement.

    “Well I did pick her out for him. Also because I told her what an animal Ichigo is in b-“ Ichigo punched Renji with the side of his fist before he could finish his sentence.

    “I’m happy that it was [Y/N] and not anyone else.” Ichigo mentioned, scratching the back of his head. Your cheeks dusted a light pink as his friends aww’d at his cheesy remark.

    “Little Ichigo is all grow-“ Renji was cut off by Rukia.

    “We better start boarding the train soon.” The group followed her and Ichigo tried to be alone in the back with you, but Chad absentmindedly cockblocked.

    By the time you were at the beach and almost everyone was in the water Ichigo finally had time alone with you. He decided to buy a snow cone for you two to share just as he said he would. You two sat under an umbrella and on towels as you faced his friends playing in the ocean.

    “Like I promised, [Y/N].” He said, handing you the snow cone. You started to lick and bite at it and just as you were starting to near halfway you decided to boldly ask Ichigo if he wanted any. Well, you didn’t really ask, it was more of you shoving it in his face and he had no other choice but to take a bite.

    “Oh! Ichigo, I’m sorry!” You exclaimed as he somewhat choked on the melting frozen treat. After he had swallowed the ice Ichigo started laughing. You took this as a sign to give him some more, but not as forcefully. You two continued to share the snow cone until Ichigo grabbed it from you and decided to feed it to you himself. You took a small bite and his face lit up in a small pink color.

    “I- I can’t believe I just did that.” He said, laughing. You laughed alongside him. “I can believe what I’m about to do.” Ichigo said just as he started to get closer to your face. You instantly lit up as red as a strawberry, skipping any shade of pink as you knew what was co-

     “AHA!” Rukia exclaimed as she caught a red crab with her bare hands right in between you and Ichigo. “Finally!” She turned to Renji and excitedly shouted, “I finally caught the crab!” Rukia looked to you two, completely oblivious that she had just cockblocked and smiled before running off with her newly caught crab. The moment was ruined, so you two didn’t continue where you had left off.

    “Do you want to go swim or walk?” Ichigo suggested after a few moments of silence. You nodded and got up, brushing off any sand that had stuck to you. Steadily you removed your shorts and oversized shirt, now ready for any water to come to you. Ichigo also removed his shorts and shirt. As soon as you seen each other you both looked the other way, avoiding any eye contact or the other’s body. You both slowly started walking towards the shoreline when you spot a cove just a few yards away.

    “Let’s head over there!” You pointed to the cove and Ichigo looked. It didn’t even take a second for him to agree.

    Once there you two talked and talked, never running out of anything to say. You never noticed the tide starting to rise. Before you knew it a huge wave came into the cove and tossed you on top of Ichigo. He looked gently into your eyes and you knew what was yet again to come. Your eyes slightly widened and your heart rate increased as you prepared yourself for-

    “WOO HOO!” Rangiku shouted as yet another wave came into the cove, thus giving her a wipe out right in the middle of you two. Yet again it seemed as if your moment was ruined. Ichigo sighed and helped Rangiku up. The three of you exit the cove. Once out you hadn’t realized how late it was already.

    “There’s going to be fireworks soon.” Ichigo said. “You want something to eat while we watch?” You nodded and the two of you headed over to a small shack and ordered some takoyaki and chocolate taiyaki. You decided to sit away from the group so you took a towel and moved a few feet away to watch the fireworks. You two did the same as last time and just like a couple would, feed each other. Instead of giggles and pet names you two gave nervous laughs and comments that you couldn’t believe that you were doing something so cheesy with someone.

    Just after you finished the last bite the fireworks started. Ichigo’s friends were pointing to you two as if they were talking about you two. This made you nervous. A heavy fluttery feeling erupting within your stomach as you thought of whatever they could be saying. Bad things? Did you smell? Were you too quiet? Did you not smile enough?

    “Hey, [Y/N]!” Ichigo shouted over the loud fireworks. You turned to him and answered with a “Yeah?” From then on you could see his mouth moving but couldn’t hear the words that came out. “What?” You yelled over the roar of fireworks. Ichigo kept trying to shout over them. Just as the fireworks had come to an end you heard Ichigo sigh.

    “I thought they’d never be over.” He laughed.

    “What were you going to say?” You asked. Ichigo looked deeply into your eyes then down to your hands as if to decide whether or not to hold them. He did so then looked back to your face.

    “[Y/N], I-“

    “Hey, [Y/N] we just wanted to say that even if you seemed nervous at first, from what we’ve seem you’re best friend approved by Renji, Orihime, Chad, and I.” Rukia smiled as she yet again cockblocked without noticing.

    “And you’ll always be friend approved by the Captain and I.” Rengiku said. You smiled at them all then gave a small sigh of relief. So they weren’t saying anything bad about you.
“Yeah, that’s great guys…” Ichigo trailed off.

    Everyone started to clean up now and it was now time to catch the train back home. Everyone was already boarded on except you and Ichigo. Just as you were about to get on Ichigo stopped you.

    “[Y/N], I…” He started.

    “Yeah, what is it?”

    “Well, I…” Inside Ichigo thought that maybe all of these interruptions were for a reason. Now was probably not the time. It was also possibly much too soon. You were such a unique girl, he really was grateful that Renji had just miraculously chosen the best fitting girl for him. He really figured that soul reaping was all he should do and that he had no time for any girl. You were so different. From your smile, to your tastes, to even your over protective brother. He really didn’t want to mess up with you. “Just watch your step, [Y/N].” He smiled and gently helped you up, shortly following after.

    By the time you were at your doorstep it was finally time to say goodbye. Ichigo gave you a quick hug. He smiled down at you.

    “I had fun today.” You leaned onto your tiptoes to give him a kiss on the cheek. “Be safe home.” Just before he could react your brother opened the door.

    “Yes, yes thanks for bringing her home safely and very late now beat it before you become tomorrow morning’s orange juice.” He rushed out into one sentence while he took you into the house and slammed the door.

    “Onii-chan!” You protested after he had closed the door in Ichigo’s face.

    “He’s nice walking you to the door like that…I don’t like him.”
Get Out More ReaderXIchigo Part 2
I'm thinking that part 3 won't be the last part after writing this chapter...

Summary: After a week of Renji pushing Ichigo towards you, he believes that it's time to meet his friends during a day at the beach. Some friends they are, as they always cockblock without notice while he's trying to do or say something important.

Part 1: butterflyxmoonlight.deviantart…
I'm somewhat upset about how the Hetalia fandom on dA is more active than the Bleach fandom on dA
     "You know you really gotta get out more, Ichigo." Renji said, slapping his friend on the back. Ichigo immediately became upset. Why would he just suddenly say that while they were at the mall?! The main objective here was to get Renji some actual in style today clothes.

     "And what the hell do you mean by that?!" He yelled. He shoved his friend's hand off of him in anger.

     "You need to get a girlfriend and start dating. This whole 'my soul reaping prevents that' bull is enough already." He explained. It had been tiring enough to have Ichigo watching couples around with disgust or even jealousy.

     "Well look at you. You're so single it hurts to look at you!" Ichigo yelled. Renji only rolled his eyes. As he did this he spotted a girl with pretty [E/C] eyes and beautiful [H/C] hair.

     "I'm not a substitute soul reaper so unlike me you can actually go talk and then date that girl over there, Mr. Substitute." Renji grabbed Ichigo by the shoulder and turned him to see you. You laughed with a beautiful smile at a joke that an employee told you.

     "Look she's totally into that employee." Ichigo mentioned. Even if you were a very gorgeous girl it seemed as if you were already swept off your feet by the pretty boy employee.

     "For all you know that's her brother or something." Renji said, slowly grabbed Ichigo by the seat of his pants.

     "Hey, what the hell are you doing?! I don't swing that way so don't touch me there." Ichigo flailed around a struggles as Renji pushed him closer to you by his butt.

     "I'm dragging you by your ass to your destiny so quit it already!" Renji scolded his single friend. By now you were back to searching the racks of clothes instead of talking to the employee who went back to work. "Now's your chance!" Were the last words Renji had said before Ichigo was left right there next to you. Ichigo looked back to his friend with a scowl as you noticed someone was standing next to you.

     "Um..." You said in a shy voice as you saw his face. Oh this guy was very cute. He had spikey orange hair and brilliant amber eyes. He was tall, way taller than you but thin yet muscular. He was like every girl's dream guy.

     Why was he standing so close to you? You only hoped that your brother was far enough away to not see this guy. He would freak.

     "Oh, uh, I...hi." He said, stuttering like a mess. He gave a quick sigh as if to calm himself down. "I haven't done this before so...uh...what's your name?" He asked.

     "[Y/N]. I um, hi uh..." You looked to his face hoping he would say his name.

     "Ichigo Kurosaki." He said. "So you maybe wanna go out with me sometime?" He asked. In the distance Renji shook his head at his friend. This was NOT how you do it.

     "Ah, that's so sudden!" You exclaimed, although you knew this was his goal from the first place. Although you couldn't refuse his handsome face.

     "I've...never asked a girl out before..." He mentioned, scratching the back of his head. His eyes wandered to the side. You followed his gaze to see he was looking at a guy. Oh now you understood this.

     "Does your friend think you need to get out there more?" You asked. Ichigo was startled and looked to you again.

     "I, uh...he..." He stuttered. He looked very cute like this.

     "Then let's go to the food court and get something." You smiled.

     "Oh, right now? I- okay." You two then proceeded to walk out of the store, not sure if you should hold each other's hand or what.

     "I can't believe that worked..." Renji mumbled as he watched you two walk away, starting small conversations.

     "So how old are you?" Ichigo asked.

     "I'm sixteen. And you?" Now really seemed to be a moment of truth. If he wasn't anywhere close to your age then your brother would be even more upset when he found out. The orange haired guy did seem to be about nineteen.

     "Seventeen." You almost sighed in relief. That was great news. He honestly looked to be nineteen to you.

     "So uh...tell me about you?" He asked awkwardly more then suggested. Oh what could you possibly tell him about yourself? You sent on about where you went to school, what kind of music you like, where you liked to shop most, your favorite movies, and just about you. By now you two had gotten something to eat and were now sitting down at the food court.

     "Jeez, if my brother saw us he would freak." You mentioned. Ichigo raised an eyebrow.

     "He was that employee from earlier, right?!" He asked with a loud, eager tone. You nodded your head what else would he think he was?

     "Well, tell me about you now."

     "Huh, where to start with that?" He scratched the back of his head and his eyes seemed to wander space as he decided.

     "HE'S A MALE MODEL WITH A BIG DI-" Someone yelled in the distance only to be cut off by Ichigo throwing his drink at him. You looked to see that it was his friend from before.

     "I am NOT a male model and my- l won't get into that." He sighed.

     "What's your friend's name? How long do you think he's been there?" You asked.

     "Renji. He just kinda shoved me to talk to you earlier..." He trailed off. "...I'm glad he did." Ichigo gave a half smile that sent your heart afloat. When it cane back down it wouldn't stop beating like a fluttering feeling. Your heart that turned into a light and flowy butterfly. That was really smooth. You could feel your cheeks become a light shade of pink; not red just yet, but pink.

     "I- I'm glad that he did too." You lightly said.

     "Are you okay?" Ichigo obliviously asked, placing the back of his hand on your forehead. He looked concerned for not knowing that he was the cause of this.

     "I- I- I- I- I'm fine!" You took his hand and slapped it down on the table. You both looked at his hand on the table, just realized what you had done was really sudden. You both didn't know how to react to it. "Uh, um, I- just tell me about yourself!" You said, your blush finally red by now.

     "Oh." Ichigo looked up from his hand on the table and looked to you. He proceeded to tell you about his school, his friends, what music he likes, his favorite movie, funny stories about his friends, and about his family and their small clinic.

     He seemed so amazing. This was all too good to be true. What had you deserved to earn this? Sure, you liked being single but that didn't stop you from complaining about it. Maybe this guy would change that.

     "[Y/N], your hand is still on mine." Ichigo mentioned. You hurriedly tried to pull it away, flustered, but Ichigo just held it himself with his two hands. Your hand was trapped between his. "I never said to move it." He said.

     Ohhh. That was smooth yet again. If he said he's never done this before then how can he do that so easily? This couldn't be happening. Your heart beat sped up more than before. This guy was going to leave you head over heels by the end of the day.

     "[Y/N], I have to go now. So uh, can I have your number?" Ichigo asked, standing up. You stood up quickly and practically shoved your phone into his chest. You need to calm down, otherwise you'd be loosing your cool way too much.

     Ichigo handed your phone back just before he pressed the call button. He reached for his phone as it rang and save your number to his phone. "I'll call or text you." He said before putting a hand on your shoulder. You gave a smile and he nodded before walking away to his friend Renji.

     "And who was that?" You heard from behind you. You turned to see your brother standing there, crossing his arms and tapping his foot. Uh oh.

     "Uh...well, you see..."
Get Out More ReaderXIchigo Part 1
Summary: Renji believes that Ichigo needs to cut the work crap and get a girlfriend. You just happened to be in the right place at the right time to be the perfect candidate for this. Now let's just hope that your brother doesn't find out.

Please help I can't stop with this Bleach/Yugioh phase I'm in ;7; Anyways, I hope you enjoy this. I believe that it'll be at least three parts long.

Part 2: butterflyxmoonlight.deviantart…
     "Hiya!" America exclaimed as he threw a knife at the bullseye. "Hahaha!" He made it just at the edge of the middle. It was his birthday, the 4th of July. Just a few hours ago he had somewhat of a tummy ache from his brother Canada's birthday yesterday. But it was the afternoon now and here he was already, drinking beer and throwing knifes and shooting airsofts.

     "America, why must you always do this on your birthday?" Canada asked his brother as he picked up his AK47 airsoft rifle and loaded it. He aimed for the bullseye and tore it apart, losing his aim after the first few shots and letting it go over and over again, not caring which part of the foam bullseye he hit.

     "It's my birthday! I have the right to be reckless and do stupid stuff. America, f**k yeah!" He exclaimed as he set down the AK47. Just as he was going to pick up another airsoft gun there was a sudden strike to the bullseye. A silver USA made Kershaw knife was at the perfect center of the target. America turned around to see you. You had your hands on your hips as the wind blew your hair. You looked majestic until your hair wound up in your face and got into your mouth. You choked on it and spit it out. You composed yourself then fixed your hair before walking over.

     "Oh hello, [Y/N]." Canada greeted in his gentle voice. You two exchanged a quick hug before America pulled you closer to him with one arm. He left his arm around your waist.

     "She's MY LADY!" America exclaimed as he took a swig of his Samuel Adam's. Canada sighed, he knew that you were his brother's girlfriend. Especially after last year he walked in on you two just after

     "Alfred he knows that." You said patting his head.

     "But it's my day and I can do whatever I want biotch!"

     "What did I tell you about saying that?! And you aren't even old enough to drink yet! Your only 19!" You said, taking his bottle and placing it on the table.

     "I'm old enough to be your daddy!" He yelled, grabbing his beer back from the table. "That's only my age by appearance! I'm over 200 years old, dudette!"

     "Alfred, please calm down." Matthew asked his brother calmly.

     "Stay out of it Matthew!" He slurred. Uh oh. It was rare for America to actually get buzzed or even drunk. He could hold his liquor way better than England could. By now on this day England was already drop dead drunk over the depression of America, his little boy.

     "Don't be mean to your brother!" You angrily scolded Alfred.

     "Woman, please!"

     "Dude, quit it!"

     "I- you two please stop."

     "You stop!"

     "Everyone please!"

     "I arrive arrive all the way to your country just to be met with this. America-san, please." Japan put down his present and the pickled plums he brought on a table nearby.

     "Japan, buddy!" America strides in over to his old friend and gave him a hug.

    "Alfred-san can you please not!" Japan shoved him off with medium force. America scratched the back of his head then slapped Japan on the back.

     "Thanks for coming bro!"

     You watched throughout the day as a few of your boyfriend's friends came over and each time he got happier. You were introduced to many countries and friends. From Japan, Belarus, Mexico, Philippines, Australia, and Latvia to Tony and a few neighbors.

     By the end of the night the fireworks were just starting and America pulled you into his arms.

     "You did great today. I think you made an awesome impression on everyone who came today, babe." He kissed you on the cheek. You blushed, still not being able to get used to it.

     "I hope you've had a great birthday today, honey." You smiled and then leaned your head into his chest.

     "Yeah, now all I gotta do is call England now." He pulled out his smartphone.

     "No don't do that!"

     "Hahahaha!" He kissed you on the lips to stop your protests. You only shook up your head with a smile after he parted and dialed England. Just another well spent birthday with your boyfriend.
America, F Yeah! ReaderXAmerica
For my annual one-shot for America's birthday since he's my fave. Happy 4th!
     "As recognition of your graduation you may now move your tassels to the opposite side of your cap." The crowd cheered, although the graduates were silent as they finally had the feeling of freedom. No more public schools, from here on out all your choices were yours and yours alone. They were officially adults.

     You were also among the many graduates of Society High School. Finally came the time you had always yearned for, but now you had felt somewhat sad that high school was over. After all of this you had a summer of studying and preparing yourself for college classes. Not to mention the packing you had to do.

     You were going to [Dream College] which came with a review packet for incoming freshman. Well, it was more like paperwork from the size of it. You hardly had any time to do any activities with friends. Although today was a great time to spend with them and celebrate the day that belonged to all of you.

     Moments after you had all moved your tassels the principal continued to speak. "I now present to you the class of [your graduation year]!" With those words graduation caps went up in the air and everyone cheered.

     ~Three months later~

     Finally it was the first day of college. Although, not for you. College schedules were different as you could have one or even all of your classes one day and be free the rest of the week. Today you didn't have any classes, but your roommate did.

     Her name was Rukia and she had coincidentally gone to high school with you. It was easy to get along with her after knowing that. You two never really talked back in high school.

     "What are you going to do today with no class?" Rukia asked while she started to brush her hair.

     "I'll probably just check out the shops and places around campus now that I'm done packing. " You hung your final poster on your side of the dorm.Rukia stood next to you to view your handiwork before she slipped her bag over her shoulder and waved bye while she headed out to her first class.

     You decided to get some coffee at the student employed starbucks on campus. If only you could find it. It was inside the student merchandise and supply store. You brought the campus map up on your phone and proceeded to follow it towards your destination.

     When you finally got to the starbucks you ordered a [favorite drink] and found a place to sit and wait. You looked around to see not many people in the popular coffee franchise shop. In the corner was a white haired boy on his laptop. Even while sitting he seemed to be somewhat short. (Let's just say he grew a foot, okay?) In another corner was a normal looking girl who seemed to be taking a snapchat.

     Your drink was called and you got up to take it. You sat back down and took a sip. You looked at the campus map again to see if there was anywhere else to go see other than try to find good spots outside to study or just have peace to yourself.

     Your thoughts were interrupted when someone sat right across from you. There was plenty of space for this person to sit anywhere they pleased without being bothered by another person.

      You looked up to see who it was. He had red hair pulled back into a ponytail with a shaved hairline to show the tattoos that were only covered by a dark headband. Besides the black tattoos he dressed casually and comfortably, although he had on a very outdated brown leather vest. You decided not to say anything since he hadn't noticed you.

     A order was called and he got up to retrieve it then sat right back down. Just as he was taking a sip his eyes grew wide as he finally noticed you.

     "Oh! I didn't see you there!" He put his cup down. You read the label to see that it was a normal coffee that was half coffee and half sugar.

     He saw what you were looking at and scratched the back of his head. "It tastes disgusting without it."

     You nodded silently.

     "I- Am I weirding you out?" He asked.

"Not at all." You looked to the side to find a distraction, but instead found his eyes.

     "My name is Renji." He said before taking another sip of his sugar coffee.

     "I'm [Y/N]." You totally forgotten about your [favorite drink] and took a sip of it. "I like your headband."

     "Oh, thanks, I uh..." He looked to the side, flustered at your compliment. At first he seemed straightforward and easygoing, but it seems that Renji has a shy side. "Don't I know you?" He asked suddenly.

     "I don't think so..." You trailed off.

     Renji stopped talking for a moment while he thought about it. Out of the corner of your eye you saw the white haired guy in the corner stand up and gather his stuff. Just as he walked past you two he said "She went to high school with us."

     "Ah, that's it." Renji said as the white haired guy left starbucks.

     "I'm sorry, but I don't seem to remember you." You said. Honestly, you were quite upset over not being able to remember Renji or the white haired guy as both of them were cute. "And who was he?" You asked, referring to him.

     "That's Toshiro. He hung out with my group often." Renji said.

     "Just who exactly was in your group?" You asked, wondering why you couldn't remember ever seeing those two.

     "Well there's Rukia-"

     "She's my roommate!" You exclaimed. Renji blushed small shade of pink and looked to the side. Uh oh...he must like her or something. Darn, too bad [Y/N] time to set sail for home since you couldn't catch any fish with this guy.

     "Rukia and I have been friends since we were kids. We go way back. She always came to me for guy advice, especially when Ichigo came to our group."

     Oh Ichigo, now that was a familiar name. He lived on your street back at home. He was a cool guy, pretty cute too, orange hair and always looking two years older than he actually was.

     Whoa, wait, so he isn't into her? He's a total friendzoned guy! Unless...he's gay. Why should you even worry about this, you just met this guy who supposedly went to high school with you.

     "Hey, I gotta get going now." Renji said, interrupting your thoughts.

     You looked up and nodded. You brought out your hand for him to shake."It was nice to, er- see you again Renji?"

     He looked at your hand and gulped before taking it. You gave a smile and he immediately turned around.He left just after he said one last goodbye. "See you around."

     ~At the end of the day~

     By the time you had come back to the dorm Rukia was already there, studying. It was probably homework from her class today. You decided it was okay to interrupt her and tell her about who you ran into. Or more like, who ran into you.

     "Ah, yes I know Renji and Toshiro go here. Ichigo was also accepted. You know him right?"

     "Yeah he lived on my street back at home."

     "It's not so surprising since this is the closest university to our hometown." She bit the tip of her pencil. "I'm gonna get back to work, [Y/N]. My English teacher seems to be brutal with homework." You hummed to let her know that you understood.

     You decided that it was time to head to bed since you had an early class tomorrow. By the time you woke up and got ready you only had ten minutes to head to your history class. You had no idea where it even was.

     You took out your trusty student map on your phone and followed it to your destination with only three minutes to spare.You sat near the front, but not exactly the front. Just like yesterday someone who supposedly knew you sat right near you without noticing. You looked to your side to see who has sat next to you.

     Yes, you were one to scout for boys in high school and college was not going to stop that. College just meant better guys with an actual head on their shoulder and not on their...

     It turned out to be Renji. You poked him with your pencil and he looked to you, once again his eyes had widened when he realized you were there."[Y/N], I didn't see you...again." He said as he shifted in his seat. He scooted a little away from you and wiped his right hand on his pants. He seemed nervous.

     "Maybe because you're so much taller than me." You said. Before Renji could respond the professor started his introduction to your class. The class lasted about an hour and a half. As it came to an end and everyone was gathering their stuff you stood up and stretched.

     Renji looked to you as if he wanted to say something, but instead he gathered his things. Just as he was about to leave he said, "I'll see you around, [Y/N]." You waved to him.

     As he left your gathered your things and decided to head to one of your hiding spots you had found yesterday on your adventure to do your homework for this class.

     An hour into your studying you had soon fell asleep. You were under a tree with your book on top of your chest and some of your hair covered your eyes.

     Someone who supposedly knows you walked past you until he noticed that it was you. He took a few steps back to make sure that it really was you sleeping under that tree. He decided to wake you up.

     "Hey. Excuse me." He said while slightly moving your shoulder.

     You stirred in your sleep before opening your [E/C] eyes to be met with the vibrant green eyes of Toshiro.

     ~End Chapter 1~
It Might Not Work RenjiXReaderXToshiro Chapter 1
I'm currently in the phase where you rewatch childhood anime and then this happened. I decided, what if you two timed Renji and Toshiro in a college au? I'm trash I know...I...I'm neglecting my other stories all because of Bleach and Yugioh.

Summary: Nowadays is totally okay to two time without it getting out of hand. Besides, they may be friends and you may have all been to high school together, but you're adults now. You can handle two at the same time. So what if one is shy and the other cold? There's no such thing as heartbreak or uneasiness. "It might not work" no one listens to their conscience anyways.

Nevertheless, enjoy! Even if this is way too long for just one chapter to fit my preferences. I also have this on wattpad since my friend just begged me to use that site. Eh, it's okay but it's not dA amirite?

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